PatrolEyes Drop Lock Camera Mount for Klick Fast System

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This quick release clip mounting system will ensure your PatrolEyes police body camera stays exactly where you put it! Light weight and simple to use, a user can quickly lock in or release the PatrolEyes body camera from the mount that is securely attached to your uniform or molle mount.

Note: This is intended to be a permanent solution to mounting your PatrolEyes body camera to your uniform or molle.

How to use:

    Attach the clip adapter to camera then rotate the cloth mount 180 degrees to release. Attach the cloth mount to your uniform or mount by first unscrewing the four screws then separate the front and back plates . Place the back plate on the inside of the piece of clothing or molle and push the four screws through. Re-attach the front plate and tighten, making sure the opening for the mount is facing up toward the user. You can then leave the cloth mount always attached and quickly slid your PatrolEyes camera in by dropping in the mount adapter in or slide it out with one quick 180 degree turn of your wrist.

Compatable with:

  • PatrolEyes DV1-2/DV1-2-XL
  • PatrolEyes GPS DV5/DV5-2
  • PatrolEyes Elite DV6
  • PatrolEyes Ultra DV7
  • PatrolEyes WiFi DV10
  • PatrolEyes MAX
  • PatrolEyes DV10 PRO
  • PatrolEyes EDGE
  • PatrolEyes IRIS
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